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Recruiting Dynamix trading as “Worxs4u Recruitment” has a clear vision of what recruitment is and we know how to do it best. As a recruitment agency we have more than 28 years’ experience in the industry and we make every effort to be faithful by providing quality recruitment services. We strive to find the best and most suitable Candidate in a timeous, efficient and effective manner. By working hand-in-hand with our Clients we intend to make their businesses our own in order to provide them with the best service. Worxs4u will strive to understand your needs so that we can build resilient, long-term relationships and keep our Clients happy.

Assisting your Company reach its full potential is our passion. By teaming up with our Candidates and Clients we look forward with utter confidence to a successful future. A future with both new and existing clients who have been a stronghold throughout the years. Worxs4u knows that it is essential to understand the diverse cross-section of people that come from all backgrounds and societies, which is of utmost importance to our performance, in the Recruitment business.

We specialise in contract and permanent placements across the board in the Steel, Tube, Allied, Fluid Control, Hardware, Technical, and Engineering, Laser and Profile Cutting industries throughout South Africa.

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Job Interview Tips

Job interviews are stressfull for anyone. If you are invited for a job interview, you have already made an impression on the Employer. However, you will have to do your best to outperform other candidates that are also being interviewed. The best advise is to prepare as best you can for the inetrview, so that you feel self-confident and calm.

  • Don't wear any face piercings and cover up any visible tattoos.

  • Ladies to wear make-up and make sure your nails and hair are well maintained.

  • Corporate attire is best, or make sure you wear a smart pair of pants / skirt, collared shirt / blouse and jacket. Make sure your shoes aren't scuffed.

  • Ladies should avoid wearing the following: Jeans, Tracksuits, Crocks, Slops, Takkies, Tights, Miniskirts and strapless tops.

  • Gentlemen should avoid wearing the following: Jeans, Earrings, Tracksuit pants, Takkies and Slops.

Download a full copy of our Interview Tips covering all you need to know.

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